Under his dark scattered lies

Lied bundled up hopes with tears and joy

Tears of failure haunted at night

As joy grew amidst his plain sight


“What am I doing wrong?” he asked in a sigh

His breaths shivered as once again the night came by

Questions grew and answers were nowhere near

As he was once again surrounded by his worst fear


“What should I do?” he said to himself

He wanted an answer to mend his broken self

Years of failure and disappointment came haunting by

Shattering the bundled up hopes of joy


With no one around to give him hope

He began to question the virtue of his living

Exposed to his inner self he kept on thinking

“Am I worth something?” was the question that came in haunting


The night fell as morning came by

With questions unanswered he breathed with a sigh

He said, “Long lost failures will surround throughout,

I have to move further from this day out”


That was the last day he ever feared

Last day he ever trembled from questions unanswered

He now had hope reaching his mind

Now nothing would stop this man unkind


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