Across the room of vast vividness

I saw someone with sparkles in her eyes

Frowning at something she smiled

And I knew I have found heaven in disguise

In that room she stood and stood like an angel

Her pretty face resembled the light of stars

I glanced to look further into those sparkling eyes

She still stood there waiting for her heaven in disguise


Walking towards her I felt something

A shiver down my spine

Heartbeat raced the entire time

I played and replayed an entire conversation in my head,

And suddenly found myself standing next to her as I said,

O pretty lady what’s your name?

She looked and smiled as if she was waiting for me the entire time.


Conversations began and night flew by

Making promises to meet someday we said our goodbyes

Hoping to hear from her, I gave her my number

Waiting by the telephone day and night one day I decided to surrender.

Then when all hope died and nothing was left to be done,

My phone rang and it was her


From there things progressed

In a journey having nothing but love in the end

All our worries and sorrows turning happy

I found myself amidst love that was pure and fancy


Waking up everyday next to her

I still see sparkles in those eyes

I was not wrong when I said

I have found my heaven in disguise


6 thoughts on “HEAVEN IN DISGUISE

  1. Don’t mind me expressing my appreciation for how your diction paints a universal feeling of love’s cloud nine. Thanks for writing this. This took me back to good memories, even though the ending differs vastly.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ii really appreciate that you liked it and ii am really glad that you felt that feeling that i was trying to convey. keep reading and keep commenting. thank you . cheers


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